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Make Your Own Commercial

Documentary Filmmaking

Spoken Word / Poetry

Fiscal Sponsorship

In addition to supporting schools through the development and implementation of after-school curricula,

The Story Project is very active in the fund-raising efforts of youth-based programs. For a nominal fee, we will assist in the

best way we can in order to help fiscally realize youth-centric programs and productions reach their potential.

As of January 2020 The Story Project has supported:

Play With Music

Central High School

Tzeva Adom: The Color Red

Success Stories Program

If you believe you have a program that fits our guidelines, we would love to hear more.

Journal Writing


Project-Based Curricula


Borrowing from Wikipedia:
Instruction relating questions and technology relative to the students' everyday lives to classroom projects. Students form their own investigation of their own group which allows students to develop valuable research skills. The students engage in design, problem solving, decision making, and investigative activities. It allows students to work in groups or by themselves and allows them to come up with ideas and realistic solutions or presentations. Students take a problem and apply it to a real life situation with these projects.


That said, The Story Project's Project-Based Curricula is rooted in the entertainment (or media) arts.  We tell stories.  Then document them with either a camera, microphone, paper, pencils, pens, computers, color, design, imagination and hope. Past productions have included: a board game based on graduating high school, short films that addressed issues of bullying, teen pregnancy, shyness, black/brown issues, and more.  The modes of telling these stories have involved plays, films, photography, comic books, puppet shows, and more.  Add mentors from the professional storytelling community to this wonderful array of possibilities and you have memorable programs that may last a lifetime. 

After-School & In-School Resource

As an after-school program, The Story Project continues to be highly effective.  Recently, however, we became a fixture during the actual school day and guess what, we are finding even more success.


TSP is eager to tailor a program specifically for your school or community center.  Our goal is to connect with the students through what they find fun and exciting. The result is a project that strengthens much more than  literacy skills, but work that they can claim ownership to forever and ever.


Comic Books

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