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Let us tell you a story...

Storytelling is an ageless artform that continues to document civilization's every step.  A well expressed story involves all of man's senses, evokes imagination, and the ability to inspire brilliance.

The Story Project believes that effective communication is a basic element to growth, success and happiness in a child, adult and, ultimately, the keystone to a strong community. That is why we have created a curricula rich in project-based learning that bolsters reading and writing skills, critical thinking, strengthens the collaborative process, and promotes imagination.

As a nonprofit organization, we are committed to building a stronger society by strengthening these skills in students through our after-school programs. At the hands of our talented staff and mentors from the professional entertainment community, our middle and high school students create a variety of group projects all born from their imagination.  We believe Fun is a huge component to learning and design each and every one of our classes as an imaginative, joyful environment where students have the opportunity to explore while improving basic communication skills.

If you are interested in joining THE STORY PROJECT team, look no further.  We are always open to additional financial partners, sponsors, mentors and volunteers as we continue to write our next chanpter.

Drop us a line, new characters are always welcome.

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