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How to Create a Community

Inspiring futures through storytelling is tantamount to The Story Project's mission. 

We don't only want you to help The Story Project reach more kids and communities but we need you.  Los Angeles is a big city in a big country in a big world.  We would love to say that our pocket of this globe is unique but it isn't, kids need a positive connection to those around them.  When that no longer exists, or their immediate influences are negative, turmoil unfolds.  That is why we ask for you support: financial, personal, in-kind.  It certainly takes a village and we want you to be part of ours. 

Be A Mentor

Are you an entertainment professional with a burning desire to inspire another?  Then you are exactly the type of person we are looking for to introduce to our students and help them carve out new futures, one story at a time.

Financial Supporter

Nonprofits run on inspiration, perspiration, liquidation.  The Story Project relies on individual and corporate donors to fuel our good work. In short, we need you today and in the future to achieve many goals throughout the many more challenged communities within Los Angeles. 

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