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Founded in 1998, today The Story Project creates and supports students, programs and projects through curricula and fiscal sponsorships that further the voices of those in marginalized communities.



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Mar Vista Gardens Students Win $30M Gang Injunction Suit Against the City of Los Angeles



This is an unbelievable victory for young people of color in low-income communities who are subject to profiling and state-sanctioned violence on a daily basis. 


Christian Rodriguez and Alberto Cazarez had the courage and fortitude to stand up for what is right and persevered, having organized not only their own community but also 25 other neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, subjected to similar repression at the hands of those whose job is purportedly to serve and protect. 


This settlement allocates funds exactly where they need to go – to training and supporting the most marginalized among us in becoming contributing members of society instead of criminalizing them and destabilizing our communities further.  Our youth have taught us a great lesson in social justice; law enforcement, take heed!



LA Times article:


Students Not Suspects
A movement, started by students at Central High School, is spreading throughout Los Angeles.  Students Deserve, Youth Justice Coalition, BLM-LA, UTLA, ACLU, Public Counsel, and many others are demanding an end to LAUSD's policy of random metal detector searches and an investment in community schools, peacebuilders, safe-passage, restorative justice, and more counselors.  Please sign the petition, help spread the word, and contribute what you can!
Instagram: #studentsnotsuspects
Agape awards Central High their Local Hero Award



SIGN ACLU Petition

 Central Stories!


Located at the hub of the Mar Vista Gardens housing projects sits a one-room school house and a community of students eager to learn, regardless of the odds.

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Huffington Post Blog

We are so proud of TSP alumnus and Central High School graduate Nuvia Martinez for getting published.  The door is open for more of our students to contribute to this ongoing blog so be sure to check back often.  BTW, Nuvia is now a college student at Santa Monica College!  Yay Nuvia!!


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